A Ray of Sunlight

It was not a bright day. It was warm and not soothing. A rhythm of tension rang in my mind and so were my parents. My parents both belong to teaching community. Like typical Indian parents, they wished me to be on the top of the ‘BEST’ of all lists. I…I, was a typical example of what they never expected to have. But still was I loved and pampered. I was rather a different one, a different person, a peculiar kind, which could be hard to describe in a nut shell. I was crude. I loved all. I was rude. I was innocent. I was good, but displeasing. Not preferred by most people. I was seventeen. I talked to many, but had very little as friends. I was in school. Not a dull kid, nor an intelligent one. I was neither calm nor blaring. But to anyone’s surprise, my teachers never hated me. I was always welcomed with a warm smile by my teachers. I had so many dreams, but never organized to pursue any. I knew the dreams required a lot of hard work. The dreams…they were umpteen. I wanted to be everything in the world, everything that is good. But…I never gave a hand to try any of them.

We were awaiting my exam results. When the clock struck nine, the results were out. Mine was a good score of 89%, but not good enough for a child of two teachers, who expected to get a score above 95%. I knew I would never match their expectation. My parents were not totally dissatisfied. They planned to get me into a college which best fits my score. They were buzzing around like automated robots; buzzing around to set a good path for my future. But then, I had three solid months on hand to live my life to my heart’s content. While most of my age kids jumped into doing an additional course to hone their skills, I explored through the depths of life’s happiness, which most people called waste of time.

 A long walk with my dog, along the narrow road that cut through the endless stretch of green fields, sitting by the small brook, which silently composed its feeble, comforting tune, watching the tiny birds, who sat by the branches and cautioned each other of my presence, feeling the fresh scent of the green leaves that bore minute dew drops that individually gave the vision of the whole world around, noticing the angles to which my dog’s face and ears twisted and turned, as she stared boringly at my actions- these were part of my routine when the dawn breaks. I smelled the scent of the freshness of the day, felt the enthusiastic peace, within my soul. I loved it. I love it.

I never dreamt of being in any of the bigger institutions. But, I got a seat in one of the most reputed government universities in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. I joined Anna University, Trichy. I was excited to join a college, far from my hometown. I had plans about discovering the streets of Trichy, rather than planning about my studies.

My sister is four years younger to me. She was relatively intelligent and attractive. Had she not been by my side, my days would have been more difficult. When I was at school, she packed my lunch and school bag, got my socks and shoes ready. After all, she was the one to get my dresses ready, when I went for shower. Not just that, she helped me even during my STUDY HOURS! She loved me a lot; a lot than anything in her world. But I took only a meager of my time to consider her love on me.

 My mom kept herself busy, getting new dresses for me to wear at college. My father, who was not contented with my marks in the beginning, became cool after I got my college seat. In fact, he was proud about it! I was packing and sorting things which I needed to stay in a hostel. Dad bought me a pair of slippers, subtle and pretty. All of us were quite busy than usual. Nobody had time to pamper or play with Bommy, who questioningly barked at us. She was wondering what was going on. I was wondering about the days to come…



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